Affirmation Works!

The ultimate positive affirmation companion app for your iPhone, iPad (retina display ready!), and iPod Touch.

Version 2.0 Just Released!
We have made many changes, including a new theme, easier controls, and downloadable affirmations! Hundreds of affirmations (and increasing every week!) organized by category submitted by leading motivational consultants - downloadable right to your device!

Comes with many general affirmations for personal growth. Create your own affirmations or edit the defaults to increase their effectiveness.

Organize your affirmations into categories - separating professional and personal aspirations, weight loss, relationships, and any named category you wish.

Activate and deactivate categories to focus on a particular area or ready yourself for an important meeting.

Affirmations are shown against a variety of backgrounds which serve as subtle visual metaphors of progress, strength and personal growth.

You can simply touch the screen to advance to the next affirmation, or place the app into slideshow mode to have them autoplay.

English not your native language?
We are working to include affirmations in many other languages, including Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Russian, Italian, Korean, French and others! If you speak any of these languages and can contribute affirmations in them, please visit our Contributors section!