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We are currently looking for contributions to our affirmations database. This collection of affirmations categorized and separated by language, is then made available to users of our Affirmation Works! iPhone/iPad App

As a contributor, your name (or company name) will be displayed, along with a "tagline", a brief description, an icon or picture and a URL (optional) along side the affirmations you submit. (See example on right)

This benefits our users by providing them with a large and varied assortment of affirmations across many languages to inspire them. You benefit by connecting with our user base and giving them an opportunity to visit your site. Our users are generally affluent, technologically savvy and motivated self helpers.

Note: We are big advocates of writing your own affirmations. But we have had many requests from users to include more pre-written affirmations with the app. Users are inspired by them, and can always edit them to suit their needs.

If you have some affirmations you would be willing to contribute, please sign up below and use our easy web interface to submit them.

Also: We are really hoping to get some affirmations in languages outside of English and Japanese as well! Do you speak Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Dutch, Farsi, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian or Spanish? Your affirmations are dearly wanted!
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Thanks again for your interest in contributing to our motivated community of users!

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